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De Demetris Christopoulos a 25 de Novembro de 2012 às 11:52
Dear people of Portugal,

I saw the video 'Ich bin ein Berliner' , http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=_gwvHs0cg0I , and I was get depressed.
I agree with almost every argument shown at the video, but I have one and only one question:
why do you think that Germany should change its politics with a so civilized claim like that film?
The answer is obvious: they will never change their politics against Portugal, until the recession hit their entrance. Only when German exports have fallen enough, Germans will think about their politics.
Be mind that Portugal politicians , like Greek politicians , have been trapped into the euro trap: they are always living with the fear of an unexpected euro accident that will hit their countries outside the paradise of euro-zone! That' s the reason why our politicians will never do the right thing for their countries.
So, we have to act by ourselves.
First of all we have to stop buying German products.
This is the only serious answer to Germany' s arrogance, us expressed by German media like Bild, Focus (do you remember this: http://p4.focus.de/img/gen/Z/r/HBZrzUeA_Pxgen_r_Ax480.jpg? and this: http://p4.focus.de/img/gen/S/L/HBSLDsvz_Pxgen_r_Ax480.jpg? )
Think about:
every time you buy a German car you strengthen German economy and tell them that they have no reason to stop pushing you down with austerity measures
every time you shop in a Lidl shop you send your money directly to a German bank every Friday evening
every time you buy a German refrigerator, cuisine, laundry etc it is like telling them: OK, I have complaints against your politics but I am a good guy and I shall keep buying your products, so don' t worry, keep ... me!
The president of German Association for Foreign Trade Anton Boerner recently stated at Stuttgarter Zeitung that Greek market is irrelevant for German exports, so we conclude that probably Portuguese market is also negligible for them. So they are telling us that if we stop buying their products, they will not pain.
Let' s test it.
Let' s stop buying German products to see if this is truth!
Please DO NOT BUY German products and services anymore.

If you think that the above arguments are nonsense read carefully this: http://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/inhalt.bip-schuldenkrise-bremst-deutsche-wirtschaft.31302d0a-2134-4763-ae58-908f8e244c51.html



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